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Dec 8, 2013 5:45pm EST
this a high enough priority and 70% of americans support sometime if of commission on the line. the election in massachusetts wasn't a victory for public and. it was a life and independent. i've seen it coming and i've been in 46 states i think i have a very good sense. they are in the sensible center and representatives on the holes. that's why we not only have the partisanship that an ideological divide that creates a stalemate and the stalemate means that you are going nowhere fast and when things are wrong they g takeoveh patches of time. that's a disaster this scenario. so i think washington is an indicator and congress as an indicator within washington and the people basically have to put the pressure for this thing to happen. and a commission has to set the table for a tougher vot the tous because let me tell you taxes are going up and they are going up about what people than those making $250,000 a year. why? a very simple four letter word. math. in addition to social insurance contract is going to get renegotiated to make sure that when the government has a price they can deliver on
Dec 7, 2013 11:00pm EST
, my god, that is the title. elected up on the amazon and of the various book catalogs i could find. no one is ever used the title. such an obvious title it also is the title betty essentially gives me into a lot of trouble. i find a very good way of bringing yourself to enter for taking this of town a bigger to is to look and amazon one star reviews. one star reviews, when they say, this is the most boring book and never read in my life. there is 11 star review at the moment from a woman he says, i am an unabashed militant feminist and and so appalled by the fact is called the men who united the rates. so i get no one star of you without even being read. but her view is one that i anticipated. why is it all made? the fact is, the reality is that in the physical united states of america it has been the business, almost entirely, man. there's only one woman who appears in the story, and that is sacajawea analysts in kaj saga. otherwise i'm afraid to say women play and sillery rules. in other an important role and other aspects of america, but not in the physical union of the nation.
Dec 7, 2013 3:55pm EST
this was florida 2012. the ultimate battleground state in an arguably very tight election and you want to muster all of the arguments in your favor persuading your base to vote for you. so what they focused on what this "stand your ground" law that had been a controversial "stand your ground" law the past in florida six or seven years before. the bill was so controversial that every single minority legislator in florida voted for it. if passed the senate 39-0 and it was designed to protect minorities more than anyone else because they are more often than not in harm's way. it became a convenient point of attack. george zimmerman who went into this thinking he was a liberal democrat ended up being a poster boy for the nra. it shocked him and this is part of the drama of his life is if it happened to a lot of people we would know what to expect because we wouldn't see those people as our allies and our friends, the people we voted for and supported. the people that depended on him and looked to him for guidance turned on him. and makes you a symbol of the evil of gun ownership in florida in an ele
Dec 9, 2013 6:50am EST
i don't think you can truly understand the present election is something about the past. the more you know, the better you understand the president. if you understand the president, you're capable of making some sources about what's going to happen any future. >> for more information on booktv's recent visit to coeur d'alene and many other cities visited by our local content vehicles, go to >> we conclude our block of programming on president john f. kennedy in recognition of the '50s anniversary of his assassination was based historian robert dallek to profiles president and his team of advisers, which included his brother and attorney general robert kennedy, defense secretary robert mcnamara, and aides arthur schlesinger, jr. and ted sorenson. this is about one hour. >> under letter to here and i'm looking forward to this conversation. the first question is, 50 years after his death president can has an 80% approval rating among the american public. is the public wrong? >> first of all, it's 85%. [laughter] >> it's gone up. >> and the result of the recen
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4